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About Noah Tuya

Noah Tuya's Biography

Noah Tuya

Noah Tuya is a scientist and business professional from Paris, France. With a keen knack for business mystery, Noah has been writing captivating stories since his college days. His work has been lauded for its clever incorporation of international settings and destinations. A true Jack of all trades, Noah spends his time innovating and adventuring all around the world.
Noah has a unique eye for mysterious tales. He loves to explore how businesspeople are shaped by the corporate environment and pushes the boundaries of traditional mystery. His stories are at times engrossing and filled with suspense, often leaving readers transfixed until the end.
A man with a mission and a purpose, Noah Tuya is fast establishing himself as a writer of business mystery novels. He has many intriguing stories in the works. We look forward to enjoying further stories of his creativity and exploration.

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